4 Top Tips for Netball Greatness

Want to know how to improve your netball game?

We have some top tips for Netball athletes that can help take your game to the next level.

RHP Physiotherapists have been on the forefront of netball in Australia for over 7 years, working with Netball Queensland and the Queensland Firebirds throughout. Athletes are running faster, jumping higher and playing harder than ever before. We won’t claim to be behind this, but we certainly haven’t been silent observers.

So, how can you get to that level?

Firstly, start now and start simple. If you train, your skills improve. So, logically, the goal for all athletes is to stay on court and this means prevent injuries. We wrote about it here for what individuals can do, and for what the team should be aiming for.

Thankfully, we also know that by preventing injuries, you can also improve your speed, balance and jump height. You might even surprise yourself how much your performance improves! Just ask Ruby!

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Ruby has a jump height that most other Netballers can only dream of But she didnt get there without some hard work

We have some easy to follow tips for Netball athletes and teams that will help you close in on that goal of playing for your team one day.

Tip 1

Start now and start simple. By getting into a routine of positive self-improvement habits, you will be able to learn and adjust as your journey goes on. Not everything will always be perfect, but if you can keep chipping away at simple work-ons then you will do two things…

Tip 2

Prevent injury and improve physical performance. By chipping away regularly, you will put yourself in the best possible position to improve physically. By improving physically and remaining on court, this gives you every opportunity to continue learning the skills and tactics of the game! Absorb those opportunities and give thanks to Tip 1 above!

Tip 3

Be a student of the game. Listen and learn from whoever you can.

Tip 4

Read these blogs below to start chipping away at preventing injury, improving physical performance and improving your netball!

Improve your Jump Height

Improve your Speed

Improve your Balance

Improve your Reach

Tip 5

When you think you have a problem that is impacting your ability to train or play, don’t just expect it to go away. Ask for help!

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