Improve your speed

Do you want to improve your speed?

Some of our QLD Firebirds are fantastically quick. They have had to work on this over many years of training.

Did you ever wonder how to improve your speed?

We wrote recently about improving jump height and referred to how being powerful requires high force (strength) output as well as fast movement (see post).

To improve your speed or agility, the ability to jump higher is a great foundation to help you start, so that blog is worth reviewing first.

But where to next?

What we are looking at in netball is the ability to accelerate or get from a standstill to maximum speed as quickly as you can. Often only over a 5 to 10m distance.

This requires great single leg strength, as well as quick movement of the legs.

We recommend starting with strengthening in single leg exercises. Try these exercises to start with:

Picture1 3

Single Leg Squat

Standing on one leg, sit your hips (think buttocks) backwards and down. Let your knee bend as you go.

Aim to keep your knee pointing the same direction as your toes, and try to keep your hips/ pelvis level without leaning your upper body off to the side.


Reverse lunge to high knee

Step backwards with one leg, keeping weight on the front leg. Drop the back knee towards the ground (don’t touch the ground), then stand back up on the front leg.

Keep moving that back leg through until you are standing fully upright on the working leg. Bring the back leg through and up to the high knee position. Repeat!

Once you have mastered some single leg strength, you then need to get your feet moving quickly.

The key to acceleration is your first three to five steps. If these first steps are powerful, you will move quickly. So, practice moving your feet quickly to help generate that speed!

2 feet in each square

Fast feet moving forward

Take two steps in each square before taking the next step forward.

2 feet in each square moving sideways

Fast feet moving sideways

Take two steps in each square moving sideways as you go.

crossover steps

Cross-over steps

Start with a step on the outside, before taking two steps on the inside of the square, moving sideways (and forward), then finally a single step on the other side, before returning through the square as you move forward.

If you enjoy these exercises and find them helpful, please tag us in a photo of you practicing! We love to see it!

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