RHP Values

  • Stay true to yourself, your profession and your service
  • You will know what to expect from us
  • We are reliable, genuine, honest, responsible, consistent and respectful.
  • RHP is not content with mediocrity
  • Striving to expand our knowledge
  • Results driven for your outcomes
  • Winning counts, but what does success mean to you?
  • We strive to complete the goals we set with you
  • Hard work = success
  • By understanding you, we will adapt to what you need
  • We want the best for you and thinking outside the box will get us there!
  • Enjoy what you do and who you do it with
  • Experience the difference


Keeping it real

Being authentic means many things. Reliable. Genuine. Honest. Responsible. Consistent. Respectful. Being someone You can trust. RHP’s authenticity comes from our long history of bringing resolutions to our patients’ problems.

You can trust us to do the right thing by you.

We stay true to our profession and RHP Physiotherapy treatment philosophy.

You know what to expect when you visit – exceptional service based on our true overarching care for and about you.

We value our relationships with you and your family. We have long-standing connections with various sporting organisations, clubs and schools that demonstrate our consistent commitment to making a real difference in peoples’ lives.


Don’t be content with mediocrity

At RHP, we expect excellence – from ourselves, from our systems, from our staff, from our treatment approach and knowledge & ultimately from our results.

You don’t want to be treated by practitioners who are content with doing just an “ok” job with you – and neither do we!

We strive for excellence in everything we do – our administration team, our treatment / therapy sessions and our after-care follow-up with you. We are always looking for ways to improve ourselves and our service has been widely recognised as Brisbane’s leading physiotherapy clinic for over 26 years.


Winning IS everything!

Success is defined in different ways by every person. Making a state or national sporting team; making a final; getting to the start line of a 10km race or triathlon; being able to sit comfortably for more than 30 minutes; being able to garden without pain.

Be it in sport, study, parenting or just life in general, success comes in many shapes and forms. Being able to pick up your children or grandchildren and play with them without back pain may be the biggest success of all??!!


The old saying that nothing worthwhile comes without some hard work is fairly applicable to RHP. We work hard with you to find and reach your success. We are constantly striving to help you be your best. We succeed when YOU do. Your success drives us to improve as well.


Go your own way

At RHP, we are always looking for ways to improve – to stand out from the crowd. Often we find that people tell us they need to experience the RHP way before they can understand the difference.

Innovation is not just moving on to every new shiny gadget that comes along.

We value continuing education – being able to increase our knowledge through study, lecturing, attending courses and tapping into the rich wealth of experienced practitioners at RHP – so that we can share and use that knowledge to help you.

We create treatment programs and approaches that are unique to RHP to give you REAL SOLUTIONS. By thinking outside the square and looking at your whole picture, we address the cause of your problem for long-standing relief – we don’t just treat the symptoms.


It’s the vibe…

Vibrancy. Energy. Vitality. RHP’s enthusiastic, welcoming and dedicated staff as well as positive, motivated patients make RHP a great place to be. We recognise that the attitude we bring with us influences everyone and everything around us.

We all (staff and patients) contribute to creating a positive, healing and health-giving environment in the clinic.

Come and experience it now.

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Over 100 years of combined experience

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Sam has been amazing in treating my unsolved running injuries. Appointments are very thorough and he's highly supportive of my desire to stay active and fit. Highly recommend!

Selena R.
Verified Google Review
avatar 3

I've been in a few times now to see Mal and highly recommend his service for his clarity, patience and approachability. He is clearly highly skilled, and his great ability to support me towards improvement is the proof!

Jack H.
Verified Google Review
avatar 2

In just a few visits Mal identified and fixed my back and shoulder pain. My posture is significantly improved and thanks to the exercises Mal gave me I’m confident of staying pain free. Thank you very much!

Michael Van L.
Verified Google Review