Physiotherapy for SIJ Pain

Sacro-Iliac joint pain requires special care and attention.


About SIJ pain.

The sacroiliac joint (SIJ) is the name given to the large joint between the base of the spine (sacrum) and the bones of the pelvis (ilia). Pain arising from the SIJ is often felt through the buttock, back of the thigh, or groin and can often be present with lower back pain. It comprises approximately 15% of people who present with lower back pain.

The cause of pain arising from the SIJ is generally related to either excessive or insufficient movement within the joint. The joint itself spans a relatively large area and is supported by some of the body’s strongest ligaments. This is to help transfer forces from the ground through the leg and hip, across the pelvis to the other side of the body for walking and running. A break down in the SIJ’s function to transfer load is a common contributor to an overload of lower back structures and resultant pain.

The RHP approach will include:

The RHP Physiotherapy approach to assessment and treatment of the pelvis and lumbar spine region lends itself extremely well to management of SIJ dysfunction and lower back pain. Unique assessment and treatment skills developed over years of external education, patient treatment experience, and global therapy exposure means RHP Physiotherapy can provide a unique and advanced methodology that is safe and effective.

It is important to determine:

  • Type of dysfunction present
  • What caused the dysfunction
  • The presence of any muscle imbalances or deficits
  • The influence of the whole lower limb and spine
  • Appropriate treatment strategies and exercises

Sam has been amazing in treating my unsolved running injuries. Appointments are very thorough and he's highly supportive of my desire to stay active and fit. Highly recommend!

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I've been in a few times now to see Mal and highly recommend his service for his clarity, patience and approachability. He is clearly highly skilled, and his great ability to support me towards improvement is the proof!

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In just a few visits Mal identified and fixed my back and shoulder pain. My posture is significantly improved and thanks to the exercises Mal gave me I’m confident of staying pain free. Thank you very much!

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