Balance in Netball

Good balance in netball can help in so many ways!

Of course, there is evidence that demonstrates improving balance in a team will help reduce foot and ankle injuries.

But did you know it can help your performance?

With Netball being a sport that restricts your stepping when in possession of the ball, being able to balance in awkward moments will allow you to still perform.

Here are some moments we often see:
– Balancing after catching a pass, trying to find another pass!
– Balancing while shooting
– Reaching high for 3 seconds attempting to defend a shot

So, what can we do to improve this?

Picture1 2

1) Balance on one foot while brushing your teeth.

  • Try to keep your hand still and brush your teeth by turning your head!
  • Or try doing it with your eyes closed.

2) Balance on one leg while you reach down to touch objects on the floor.

Too easy?

  • Do this while on your toes!
  • Try moving quickly between touching the floor and then reaching up as high as you can.

There are many things that influence our ability to balance. So, if you are struggling to improve, it is worthwhile discussing with a physiotherapist.

If you love these exercises, tag us in a post of you practicing!

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