Lower back pain

Be confident in treating and understanding your lower back pain. Get back to moving well and feeling well.

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What does a Lower Back Pain assessment entail?

Assessment and treatment from an RHP Physiotherapist will:

  • Help determine the individual factors that are causing or contributing to your back pain:
    • We look at your functional patterns including walking, running, lifting, squatting, balance and co-ordination.
    • We look at your biomechanics, muscle imbalances and their impacts on your spine.
    • We check adjacent regions such as hips, sacro-iliac joints, and upper spinal regions.
    • We will gently assess your spinal muscles and joints to help determine the source of your pain and any specific dysfunctions.
  • Provide specific hands on treatment to assist with pain management, muscle imbalances and joint restrictions. Our methods are gentle, safe and effective.
  • Empower you to improve function through education, self help strategies, and a thorough, unique exercise program directed at correcting your weaknesses.

We understand your pain!

Lower back pain is one of the most common causes of lost work and reduced involvement in daily life. Back pain will affect up to 80-90 % of people in their life, with up to 10-15% of the population suffering pain at any one time. Most lumbar spine related pain does recover within months but often recurs.

By understanding how you stand, sit, walk, bend, roll, lift and any non-physical factors that contribute to your pain, you will do better!

During this difficult time, ensuring a holistic assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation plan, considering all body parts and their influence on the spine, will provide a tangible pathway out of pain with long standing results.

At RHP, you will learn how to move better, why your pain may have occured and how to strengthen your body. We use a unique combination of massage, muscle energy techniques and mobilisations, to support your ability to change movement patterns. Experience the difference and get back in control!

Lower Back Pain

Sam has been amazing in treating my unsolved running injuries. Appointments are very thorough and he’s highly supportive of my desire to stay active and fit. Highly recommend!

Selena R.
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I’ve been in a few times now to see Mal and highly recommend his service for his clarity, patience and approachability. He is clearly highly skilled, and his great ability to support me towards improvement is the proof!

Jack H.
Verified Google Review Lower Back Pain

In just a few visits Mal identified and fixed my back and shoulder pain. My posture is significantly improved and thanks to the exercises Mal gave me I’m confident of staying pain free. Thank you very much!

Michael Van L.
Verified Google Review