Remedial Massage Therapy

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Post by Michael Thiel-Paul, Remedial Massage Therapist

Massage therapy is an excellent wellness tool and can be incorporated as a regular part of a self-perpetuating healthy lifestyle including eating, exercising and sleeping well. The value of massage should not be diminished to simply enjoyable sensations experienced during the treatment (though this does offer benefits not to be discarded!). A brief list of the effects of massage on the body includes:

Decreased stress hormones

Reduced muscle tension

Assist digestive activity

Increased joint mobility

Improved vascular circulation

Lymphatic system stimulation

Promote postural balance

Because the benefits of massage are broad and varied, massage can be valuable to a wide spectrum

of people. Ranging from abating stress hormones for people prone to anxiety, to assisting injury recovery by promoting vascular and lymphatic circulation, and the common relieving of headaches and physical aches and pains by balancing the musculoskeletal system.  An experienced professional massage therapist will have the knowledge and skills to effectively tailor the treatment to your individual needs.

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massage 389716 960 720 272x182 1
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