Marathon Preparation

A marathon is a long distance running event with a distance of 42.195km. A marathon is usually run as a road race but can be completed on trail routes. Marathon preparation is necessary to avoid hiccups.

Marathon’s are both a physically and mentally challenging event. They require good preparation to complete successfully. Preparation should involve a well structured training regime in the lead up to the event to prime the body for the task.

There are many ways in which you can prepare your body for a marathon, with one of the most Important being fuelling your body correctly by an eating appropriate balance of healthy foods and drinking plenty of water during this period.

I would advise reaching out to a running coach in the lead up to your marathon, they are able to structure you a program based on your goals, ability and availability to train. In the lead up to completing a marathon you should be undergoing the obvious running along side of strength work to assist in becoming the best able you can be for the event.

Adding tempo runs, long runs and speed work to your routine will help to build speed and efficiency with your running, but strength training is often the element that takes runner’s to the next level.

Strength training helps to prevent injuries by strengthening connective tissues and muscles, it helps you to run faster by boosting neuromuscular power and coordination and can improve your running economy by encouraging coordination and stride efficiency.

On the day, hydrating is important to ensure you avoid any chance of heat stroke and to optimise perfromance. Options for quick hydration include Hydralyte or Trainade which help support re-hydration for those who have experienced loss of body fluid through sweating.

It is also important you wear appropriate clothing while running, this will help to keep you cool during hot weather events and warm during cold weather conditions so that your body can function correctly throughout the duration of the race.

Appropriate foot wear is also another factor in the correct preparation of running a marathon. Having the right shoe can mean the difference to a comfortable or uncomfortable experience. Good sleep especially in the lead up to the event is vital to ensure recovery from training and optimal performance on the day.

And lastly, enjoy the experience!

A blog by physiotherapist Sarah Kitcher

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