Get Ready for Season 2023

Get Ready for Season 2023

Do you suffer the occasional injury that interrupts your season?

Have you suffered a major injury that took you out of netball for weeks or even months?

We see injuries affect young athletes every year! There are some common mistakes to be aware of.

Learn to stay injury free in season 2023!

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What Injuries are common?

Why these injuries?

Netball is a tough sport! Due to the start-stop nature of the game, the high jumping (and subsequent landing), and the risk of stepping on another persons foot, Netballers most common injuries occur at the knee and ankle.

Why do injuries matter?

Injury means that you might not be able to train or play games. But why does this matter?

  • Time away from games and training means less time to improve your skills and get fitter!
  • This means you do not improve!
  • It also affects the team. Squads with less injuries will always perform better.

An injury can have a large impact on both yourself as well as your team. Getting this assessed as soon as you are able and doing everything you can to return training and playing again will not only help you, but also your team mates!

What can you do to prevent!

It’s not all about prevention, it’s also about improving your performance!


  • Strap them, or wear a brace. There is good evidence that some form of protective device will reduce the frequency and severity of ankle injuries, particularly if you have suffered one previously!
  • Strength: Improve the strength of your calf muscles and general lower limb strength.
  • Balance: Learn to stand on one foot, on a pillow, with your eyes closed, while turning your head! There is strong evidence that supports enhancing balance for reducing lower limb injuries.


  • Acute knee injuries can be preventing by practicing landing, practicing jumping and improving your thigh and hip muscle strength.
  • Knee pain can also be reduced by practicing the same activities.
  • Get an individualised plan so that you can start doing what you are capable of, not necessarily what the Firebirds do!

Shin Splints:

  • This one is about calf strength again… but also;
  • Load management! If you have had no training over the holidays, then club, rep and school sport all start within the same week, your body was absolutely not ready for all that sport!

Individualised planning

Talk to a health professional about a number of things:

  • Injury history
  • Current netball and other sports
  • Future netball and other sports
  • Screening for deficiencies in movement, strength or control

By getting an individualised assessment, you can create a plan that will help keep you on court!

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