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Post by Michael Thiel-Paul, Remedial Massage Therapist

We ALL fail to do things that we know will be good for us. This phenomenon is no different in the physiotherapy and massage realm. Most days we are told by a client that they haven’t done their prescribed exercises/mobility work and we get it. We completely understand, we’re humans too.

Here, I’d like to offer two very simple methods to help maximise the chances of patients completing the physical maintenance required. The trick is to ‘automise’ it as much as possible.

Tip 1. Use that thing in your pocket!

Smart phones all have ‘alarm’ functions that allow the user to set dozens of alerts at once. If you can put aside 2 minutes to set multiple alerts, you can set numerous reminders each day at times when you know you’re most likely to be able to complete your prescribed tasks. “I forgot” becomes redundant.

Tip 2. Piggy back your exercises!

We all have daily habits that we do get done every day. Piggy backing your physio exercises onto these daily habits is very effective way of getting them done.

Examples for you:

  • hang your stretchy band near your toothbrush and each time you brush your teeth do your exercises
  • take your massage ball when you sit down to watch some TV
  • leave a note near your kettle and do an exercise while making the cuppa.

You’ll you find these tips are easy to implement and effective. Get into it!

Michael. Massage maestro.

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