Guess Kim's Single Leg Hop distance...

Kimberley Ravaillion is the current Queensland Firebirds Centre and Captain.

An ability to hop and land is vital for elite Netball.

As a Queensland Firebird who has won the national league and played for the Australian Diamonds, Kim is very aware that her ability to perform on court is founded on a high level of strength, mobility and power. A common measure of power is your ability to jump on one leg, as far as you can.


We are offering the winner of this competition a free 60 minute musculoskeletal and performance screening designed specifically for Netball. This will include feedback and guidance on individual opportunities to improve your physical performance and health. This session is valued at $120.

So, how far can Kim hop?






If you are under 18 years of age, this email address must be that of a parent or guardian.
This information is designed to help you improve your physical abilities. In turn, this will help prevent injuries!

* The winner will be contacted via email by Friday 31st March.
* Entrants within 5cm will be entered into a random draw. If no entrants are within 5cm, the closest guess will be the winner.
* Email addresses used must be a parent/ guardian if the entrant is under 18 years of age.