Good health is not a state; it is a search for equilibrium.

Yoga is a practice for one’s mind and body. Most people come to yoga to improve their flexibility but in the process they uncover a lot more.

Yoga improves strength, mobility, body awareness, breath awareness, balance, mental clarity, sleep quality to mention only a few benefits.

The Hatha Yoga style of classes focus on creating functional movement to encourage the body to unravel stress, tension, and pain. Everybody is different and here at RHP we strive to provide individual attention to each student to ensure that they are doing the most suitable posture for their body. The relaxed and fun class caters for students who are trying yoga for the first time and to seasoned yogis alike.


Yoga at RHP integrates knowledge from diverse fields to help all our clients to discover how to most effectively find their equilibrium. Discover the power in your neutral spine and the intrinsic focus your relaxed and calm breath generates. Learn through movement and discover just how good a balanced and energised mind and body can feel.


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