Children & Adolescents

Movement Difficulties and Motor Delay

Physiotherapists are trained in assessing and managing movement difficulties or motor delays in children and young infants.

“Motor development” is a term referring to a child’s development of movement skills such as rolling, sitting, crawling, and walking. The first 3 years of life is the most important phase in this process, with full maturity of our skills not occurring until 9 years of age. All of our more advanced adult movement skills depend on the correct acquisition of these more basic patterns of movement during childhood. In other words the childhood movement skills we develop form the foundation for building more sophisticated movements skills as an adult.

Our service includes:

Assessment and treatment of infants, children & adolescents demonstrating movement problems, including “developmental co-ordination disorder”.

As mentioned earlier, it is increasingly being recognised that poor “motor development” predisposes people to chronic or recurring pain states as adults (such as lower back pain or neck pain). Like learning to play a musical instrument, development of new or improved movement skills comes much faster for the baby or child than for an adult. One of RHP Physiotherapy’s main goals is to assist the development of our children’s movement skills, so they will continue to move freely and comfortably throughout their lives.

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