The Nature of Chronic Pain – Part II

March 23, 2016 admin

Following my previous article on Chronic Pain, I wanted to add a little more to the discussion. As mentioned previously, chronic pain deals with many adaptions, layers and body systems, all combining to produce a complex network of issues. Because this network is complex, it is necessary to set reasonable expectations when dealing with the recovery time-frame.
By the time I get to see most people, they are at the end of their tether! Often, the people need to get better immediately! However, these problem ‘layers’ take time to remove. These adaptions didn’t occur overnight and in reality, will have taken years to manifest. In my view, if it takes 12 months to unadapt the issues that took decades to build up, this is a winning formula.

Chronic pain may or may not involve an incident or accident? Regardless of the existence of precise injury or not, rest assured there will be many adaptions to unwind. Pick anyone off the street and a lifetime of poor movement or postural habits, injuries and illness will have left their marks in some fashion.

Your therapist should do their best to expedite the recovery process, but the reality is there may be a process that needs to be followed. It helps if both the therapist and the patient both understand this.

To summarise, remove the barriers that prevent your body from healing, which it will naturally do if given the chance. You then have to let your body recover on its own terms. As for the time frame? Only your body knows!

Good Health!
David Macdonald