Netball Screening

Every netballer, from time to time, notices that sore shin, that pain in the knee that comes and goes, or that annoying back pain that interrupts your day slightly. It might not affect your ability on the court, but these niggles add up! Over time, these pains become worse and lead to time-loss injuries, where a netballer has to spend time off the court during training or miss games altogether!


But why do niggles occur in the first place?

Typically, niggles develop through a combination of increased load and training error. Increased load is, quite simply, doing more than your body is capable of handling. This might be due to overtraining or netball carnivals, or it could be because of a deficit in strength or endurance. Training error is repetitively moving in a suboptimal way that places increased load in particular areas of the body, leading to niggles… and injuries!

What is an athlete screening?

Athlete screenings allow netballers or teams to assess components of movement, strength, endurance and mobility, in order to identify specific areas of need for development and improvement. By addressing these areas, it we can assist your performance while ensuring some of the causes for niggles are tackled head on.

What do we do?

RHP offers tailored netball screenings to any netballer or teams that want to unlock their full potential. We use a series of tests and video analysis to identify areas for improvement in strength, endurance, flexibility, and movement control. We offer 1-on-1 and 2-on-1 screenings that come with feedback on these areas of need, as well as a targeted home or gym-based exercise program. We also offer screenings to teams and schools who want to take their programs to the next level. 

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