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With restrictions easing and community/professional sport resuming, we are here to help with your safe return to sport

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Our Clinics

Kelvin Grove

Our Kelvin Grove clinic is located at the back of the historic AMA Place complex on 88 L’Estrange Tce. We have been providing world-class physiotherapy services to the Kelvin Grove/Red Hill community for over 28 exciting and successful years.
Open plan private treatment areas
Ample floor space
10 minutes from CBD
Alter G anti-gravity treadmill


RHP Physiotherapy Nathan is located in the Brisbane’s newest purpose-built venue – Nissan Arena. We have proudly been the Queensland Firebirds' preferred physiotherapy provider the last 5 years and have established our clinic in their new home venue.
Private treatment rooms
Fully equipped professional gym
Game Ready recovery kit
Indoor court facility

Preferred Physiotherapy Provider for:


Keeping it real

Being authentic means many things. Reliable. Genuine. Honest. Responsible. Consistent. Respectful. Being someone You can trust. RHP’s authenticity comes from our long history of bringing resolutions to our patients’ problems.

You can trust us to do the right thing by you.
We stay true to our profession and RHP Physiotherapy treatment philosophy.
You know what to expect when you visit – exceptional service based on our true overarching care for and about you.
We value our relationships with you and your family. We have long-standing connections with various sporting organisations, clubs and schools that demonstrate our consistent commitment to making a real difference in peoples’ lives.


Don’t be content with mediocrity

At RHP, we expect excellence – from ourselves, from our systems, from our staff, from our treatment approach and knowledge & ultimately from our results.
You don’t want to be treated by practitioners who are content with doing just an “ok” job with you – and neither do we!
We strive for excellence in everything we do – our administration team, our treatment / therapy sessions and our after-care follow-up with you. We are always looking for ways to improve ourselves and our service has been widely recognised as Brisbane’s leading physiotherapy clinic for over 26 years.



Winning IS everything!

Success is defined in different ways by every person. Making a state or national sporting team; making a final; getting to the start line of a 10km race or triathlon; being able to sit comfortably for more than 30 minutes; being able to garden without pain.

Be it in sport, study, parenting or just life in general, success comes in many shapes and forms. Being able to pick up your children or grandchildren and play with them without back pain may be the biggest success of all??!!


The old saying that nothing worthwhile comes without some hard work is fairly applicable to RHP. We work hard with you to find and reach your success. We are constantly striving to help you be your best. We succeed when YOU do. Your success drives us to improve as well.

RHP physiotherapists are highly skilled in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of a wide variety of painful body conditions. These include:

  1. Back pain
  2. Neck pain
  3. Shoulder pain
  4. Headaches
  5. Jaw pain
  6. Hip pain
  7. Knee pain
  8. Foot and ankle pain
  9. Elbow, arm and hand pain.
  10. Pain in multiple body regions.

At RHP Physiotherapy we have unique and diverse skills, a wealth of experience, and a passion to provide you with the best care possible. Through a thorough assessment of your problem, analysis of your movement skills and body mechanics we aim to:

  1. Understand your problem
  2. Educate you about your body
  3. Promote healing and recovery
  4. Provide self-help strategies and exercises
  5. Empower you towards long term mastery of your body
  6. Provide understanding of the what, why, and how to recover when it comes to these pains.

RHP physiotherapists are leaders and educators in the world of sports physiotherapy.

This is evidenced by:

– RHP physiotherapy involvement in each Olympic games over the last 26 years.

– Peter Wells, RHP Physiotherapist and Director, awarded the honour of leading the Headquarters Medical Staff at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

– Staff currently lecturing to:

  1. University of Qld undergraduate and postgraduate physiotherapy programs;
  2. QUT Podiatry School undergraduate Sports Medicine program;
  3.  Advanced sports physiotherapy courses for graduate physiotherapists.

Sports physiotherapy providers to:

  1. Queensland Firebirds Netball and junior netball development squads;
  2. Swimming Qld;
  3. FC11 Diploma of Football;
  4. Hills Jimboomba Golf Program;
  5. The Gap Gators Women’s National Premier League championship team, and junior NPL sides;
  6. Western Magpies Australian Rules Football
  7. Brisbane Knights Football Club
  8. Marist College Ashgrove rugby, football, and swimming teams;
  9. Pacific Golf Club Junior Development Squad.

Proactive injury prevention programs

  1. RHP has implemented injury prevention screening programs, involving injury risk screening and exercise prescription to numerous sports groups. RHP has contributed to the development of National Screening tools for Swimming Australia and Netball Australia.
  2. These interventions are based on the latest body of research available from throughout the world.

The RHP physiotherapy experience is unique. We consistently get feedback from clients that our service is more substantial and more rewarding than treatment they have received elsewhere.

At the heart of this substance is:

  1. Our desire to provide the best possible treatment experience at RHP physiotherapy.
  2. A commitment to excellence in the provision of our therapy services. This includes our depth of knowledge and experience, ongoing education and mastery of skills, and an altruistic ethos that prioritises YOU.
  3. Advanced knowledge of physical movement, kinesiology, and biomechanics. Our advanced movement analysis skills enable us to identify the underlying contributors to injury. We provide 1 hour initial consultations to allow time to fully assess all relevant aspects of your movement, nerves, and musculoskeletal system. Thus the optimal treatment path can be determined and implemented. Often this will involve identifying contributors from body regions far removed from the painful site. For example – shoulder pain often involves movement dysfunction from the hip and pelvis region.

The best way to understand how RHP physiotherapy stands out from other therapy services, is to come and experience it for yourself. We will gladly share our experience and expertise with you to make a difference to Your goals & Health.


Go your own way

At RHP, we are always looking for ways to improve – to stand out from the crowd. Often we find that people tell us they need to experience the RHP way before they can understand the difference.

Innovation is not just moving on to every new shiny gadget that comes along.

We value continuing education – being able to increase our knowledge through study, lecturing, attending courses and tapping into the rich wealth of experienced practitioners at RHP – so that we can share and use that knowledge to help you.

We create treatment programs and approaches that are unique to RHP to give you REAL SOLUTIONS. By thinking outside the square and looking at your whole picture, we address the cause of your problem for long-standing relief – we don’t just treat the symptoms.

Team Vibrancy

It’s the vibe……

Vibrancy. Energy. Vitality. RHP’s enthusiastic, welcoming and dedicated staff as well as positive, motivated patients make RHP a great place to be. We recognise that the attitude we bring with us influences everyone and everything around us.

We all (staff and patients) contribute to creating a positive, healing and health-giving environment in the clinic.

Come and experience it now.

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