Telehealth FAQs

RHP is moving online! Over the past month we have initiated online bookings (here). Now we are moving into the world of telehealth” with our initiative – RHP Telehealth.


What is it?

Telehealth is your way of connecting with your physiotherapist without actually visiting the clinic. There is an added value to seeing your physiotherapist face to face, but if this can’t happen, then what is the next best thing? Face-time, Skype, Whats-app call…. We have integrated our normal processes with an online system called “Jitsi”. 

Is it secure?

Jitsi uses “hop-by-hop” security, which involves encryption on both ends of the call. Our call to you goes through a server. Our end of the call is encrypted to the server, as is your end to the server. The meeting is only available to the recipient of the link (the one we email you), and it is deleted as soon as the meeting ends! There is also no recording.
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Does it work?

Yes. Simple.


In research, any physical condition shows significant improvements over a matter of weeks when education and exercise has been the minimum provided to the patient. Adding massage or manual therapy can improve pain and quality of movement in the short term, however learning how to move well is not only the foundation of the RHP experience, but also fundamental to your improvement.

How does it work?

Our physiotherapists will send you a program of exercises to complete. Give it a go and then check back in with your physiotherapist to work out the kinks in your personalised program (if any)! 


What patient benefits are there?

The video chat afforded by Telehealth allows for a format to provide the following benefits: 

  • visual feedback of exercises;
  • on-screen demonstrations;
  • screen-share for images;
  • tailored education and understanding;
  • affordable and accessible;
  • in your own home;
  • accessible anywhere you have internet.

Does my private health insurance cover for telehealth?

Telehealth is covered with varied definitions across the many Private Health Insurers. The majority of insurers do provide cover, but for more certainty, please contact them directly.


The Australian Physiotherapy Association is working to ensure health insurance companies will cover Telehealth. 

Do I need a referral?

  • You do not need a referral for our services.
  • Some insurers may require a referral from your G.P. for a new condition.
  • If we have seen you for the condition previously, you will not need this referral.
  • Medicare funded services are available at RHP and do require a G.P. referral with the appropriate care plan developed. 

How do I pay?

Payment can be made through our online portal:


Or, we can arrange an alternative payment method by talking to our reception team.

How do I book?

Our online booking Portal oCall us now!

Any questions, please call

Kelvin Grove: 07 3856 5566 – Nathan: 07 3184 6844