How do I stay in the game?

 RHP Physiotherapy Injury Prevention Screening


RHP Physiotherapy is determined to assist The Gap Women’s Soccer Club with injury prevention, performance enhancement and injury rehabilitation when required.

There is a growing body of research indicating that specific injury prevention strategies can be very successful in preventing lower limb injuries in footballers, particularly relating to anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries and ankle injuries.

As part of our injury prevention strategy we are performing musculoskeletal screenings on players. Through this process we measure specific strength and flexibility components and functional skills that relate to dynamic movement control. Our results help identify those players who are at the most risk of being injured. The goal is then to target these players more closely with specific exercises to address the deficits highlighted in the screenings.

For the players who perform poorly on the screening, we advise they consult a physiotherapist to develop a specific exercise routine tailored to their results with appropriate follow up over several months to monitor and progress the exercises.

To facilitate this, RHP would like to offer players an “Injury Prevention Course”.

This is a 3-month program involving 6 sessions at RHP Physiotherapy.A thorough individual assessment is performed and an injury prevention plan administered, and reviewed fortnightly over the 3 months. There is opportunity for manual therapy to assist with any musculoskeletal deficits, and revision and progression of the exercises.

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RHP Physiotherapy has had an over 15 years association with The Gap Women’s Soccer Club and is a proud sponsor of the club. We look forward to helping you stay on the field with enhanced physical skill. 


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