Stay In The Game

The Round Ball

Soccer is in the DNA of RHP Physiotherapy. RHP Physiotherapy clinicians have played, coached, watched, ruminated, cheered, dreamt and lived soccer forever. Being both a personal and a professional interest for our team, our passion makes RHP the logical choice for footballing injury and performance needs.

RHP Physiotherapists have been and are involved with:

  • The Pararoos (Australian Men’s Paralympic Football Team) – RHP physiotherapist Sam Donaldson was Head Physiotherapist for the team
  • The Brisbane Roar Women’s and National Youth League team
  • The Gap Women’s Soccer Club – RHP has had a proud association with the Gap Women’s Premier League side for a dozen years, during which time we have helped support the team to multiple premierships and cup successes and helped foster the physical development of their junior players
  • The University of Queensland Football Club – involvement with injury prevention strategies
  • The Brisbane Knights FC – coverage for 2016 season
  • Professional Goalkeeper Tuition – physiotherapy coverage provided by Elyse Nayler

In terms of football, how can RHP Physiotherapy help you?

Our physiotherapists are experienced at assessing, diagnosing and treating football injuries. Aside from the injuries, there are many facets to football regarding an athlete’s physical body and performance that are often not considered. We have extensive experience and knowledge of training load, movement mechanics and other areas involved with prevention of football injuries.

RHP Physiotherapy is an industry leader in providing physical screenings to female and male football players. These screenings aim to identify any physical detriment the player possesses that may predisposes them to injury. Appropriate corrective exercises can then be provided and reviewed, with the goal of reducing injury rates.

Whether you are an injured soccer player, a player wishing to enhance performance or prevent injury, or a coach who wants injury prevention strategies and physiotherapy support for your team, RHP can provide the best possible care. 

The Oval Pill

We have provided physiotherapy support for The Western Magpies AFL club (Mal Fayers) at Sherwood and The QAFL state team for many years in the past. This involved consistent support of the club throughout each season, assisting with game coverage, recovery sessions, training assistance and injury management strains. We have also provided physiotherapy coverage to Marist College Ashgrove First XV Rugby and First XI football teams. Currently, Will Thwaite is providing support to Stretton State College rugby team. 

Football is a sport that involves the whole body and multiple dynamic movement skills. Common AFL & rugby injuries include:

  • Hamstring tears
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Groin injuries
  • Quadriceps strains
  • Ankle sprains
  • Finger injuries
  • General bumps and bruises

The RHP Physiotherapy team is highly skilled in the management of the whole body, as well as injury prevention and rehabilitation strategies to ensure that you can complete the season in the best shape possible.

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