Baseball is a sport that requires its athletes to push their bodies to extreme limits. Whether it’s pitching, hitting, or throwing, peak physical performance is vital for all ages and levels.

At RHP Physiotherapy, we aim not just to return ballplayers to the park as soon as is safely possible, but also to identify any potential weaknesses that will hinder players in unlocking their full potential.


Baseball is an overhead and rotational sport that requires a strong connection between muscles and the brain. It challenges strength, coordination, and balance. If any particular area is lacking, it can increase the risk for injury and hinder performance. We provide a comprehensive, baseball specific assessment in order to identify areas that need attention. A tailor-made program will then be implemented in order to address areas of strength or flexibility that need to be improved.

RHP Physiotherapy is the proud physiotherapy provider for the Brisbane Bandits of the Australian Baseball League. As such, we have the knowledge and experience in what it takes to reach and perform at the elite level. 


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