Sporting Injuries

No matter what your sporting injury,
the combined 100+ years of experience and skills of our RHP therapists have got you covered!

Over the years, our clinic has been involved with elite teams and sportspersons from:

  • Swimming
  • Netball
  • Football (soccer, rugby, Aussie rules)
  • Cycling
  • Golf
  • Cycling
  • Golf
  • Triathlon
  • Hockey
  • Squash
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Rowing
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Basketball
  • Gymnastics
  • Athletics

Sporting injuries come in the form of acute trauma or repetitive overload injuries. RHP physiotherapists have the skills you need to treat sports and professional injuries. We pride ourselves on our:

  • Well-honed assessment skills to accurately diagnose the injury
  • Movement analysis and observation skills to identify underlying biomechanical faults (especially relevant to overload injuries, though many acute episodes have an underlying biomechanical trigger)
  • In-depth knowledge of the injury so appropriate treatment interventions, realistic goal setting, and the ideal exercise prescription can all be established
  • Skilled hands-on treatment tools
  • Knowledge of your sport’s specific physical and biomechanical requirements (crucial when preparing athletes for a return to sport in order to minimise the chance of re-injury or poor performance)
  • Quick access to any medical imaging or medical assessment that may be needed
  • Previous experience with the specific injury

 The team at RHP ticks all of the boxes for athletes and professionals of all levels to ensure a timely recovery from injury. The sooner you get the ball rolling, the faster we can help you recover!

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