Shoulder pain

The shoulder joint is a ball-and-socket joint that is designed for mobility, and is therefore not very stable. It is often described as being like a golf ball sitting on a golf tee. As such, it is very prone to injury, whether due to a sudden fall, sporting injury, or due to repetitive overload.

Successful treatment of the shoulder complex requires assessment of the whole body, as dysfunction in other regions of the body often leads to the shoulder breaking down. For example, many swimmers with shoulder pain require improved hip flexibility to unload the shoulder joint during their stroke.

Our therapists will assess your:

  • Spinal posture and joint alignment
  • Hip and lower leg flexibility and strength
  • Shoulder girdle movement skills (biomechanics)
  • Muscular strength and flexibility
  • Sternocostal, acromioclavicular, and thoracic joint function
  • Sports-specific technique, including video analysis, as required

Due to our thorough knowledge, depth of experience, and comprehensive assessment, an appropriate management plan can be established and the optimal treatment applied. If medical or surgical help is required, RHP has many excellent relationships with sporting doctors and orthopaedic surgeons to ensure your complete care.


Hands-on assessment is required to gently palpate the muscles and joints and determine which regions are becoming sprained or strained. Our physiotherapists have finely-tuned and delicate palpation skills to ensure subtle tissue irritation will be felt. There are numerous gentle manual therapy techniques that can then be applied appropriately to alleviate pain and promote tissue recovery.


 Education, self-management strategies and provision of appropriate exercises is a significant part of your treatment program. At RHP Physiotherapy, by combining treatment of local structures in the neck and addressing underlying contributors to dysfunction, we allow you to achieve a more permanent resolution of your pain.

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