Knee Injuries

Physiotherapy is an important component of managing a variety of different knee problems. Whether your knee requires diagnosis of an acute injury, rehabilitation after a surgical procedure, or if you simply want to get rid of that niggle that is bothering you, RHP Physiotherapy is the solution.

With our extensive sports physiotherapy experience, RHP Physiotherapists have seen just about every acute knee injury there is. A clear understanding of the mechanisms of injury around the knee and a thorough hands-on assessment involving a wide range of orthopaedic tests will identify the specific structure you have injured. From here RHP Physiotherapy can direct your treatment appropriately via:

  • Hands-on treatment and exercise therapy
  • Referral for MRI and X-Ray imaging where necessary
  • Putting you in touch with the best specialist sports physicians and orthopaedic surgeons, should it be required

Post surgical rehabilitation with RHP Physiotherapy is a breeze. Whether you have had an ACL reconstruction, total knee replacement, or an arthroscopic clean out, our aim is to ensure you return to maximal function.

We want to make your knee better and stronger than it was before. RHP physiotherapists will individualise your rehabilitation to you and your sport and guide you safely through each stage.

We will make sure you not only strengthen the knee but also address the critical areas of hip control, lumbo-pelvic stability, and whole body movement patterns to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Knee niggles that simply come on with training or daily life are often the most frustrating. They seem to have no particular cause and leave you unsure of how to deal with them. At RHP Physiotherapy we will help you understand how the unique mechanics of the knee joint can contribute to your pain.

The knee joint sits between the two longest bones in the body and is exposed to the highest and most prolonged loads across your day. These two long bones create very long lever arms and mean that stabilising the knee requires fine control and good strength at the foot and pelvis. Changes in strength or control at the foot or pelvis can greatly influence stability at your knee. RHP Physiotherapy has a long and proud history of expert movement analysis. We will identify the underlying mechanical cause of your overuse injury.

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