Back Pain

The occurrence of back pain in society is present at epidemic proportions. Statistics tell us that 70-90% of people will experience back pain at some point in their life. This is not all bad news, as most of these will recover within six weeks. For first-time sufferers, the goal is to achieve a full recovery and prevent recurrence, while for long-term or recurring sufferers the goal is to pinpoint the underlying causes of the ongoing injury, so that accurate and effective treatment and rehabilitation can take place.

During this difficult time, you can be assured that RHP Physiotherapists have the skills, experience, energy, and compassion to give you every chance of a full recovery. RHP’s approach to assessment is holistic and considers all body parts and their influence on the spine; spinal mechanics can be affected by movement deficiencies in the lower limbs as well as higher up in the body, for example, the head or shoulders.

Assessment will include:

  • Analysis of how you move (biomechanics). This may include, for example, walking, running, bending, one-legged balance and co-ordination skills. These tests often tell us why your back is getting injured.
  • The alignment of your pelvic bones, sacrum, and spinal vertebrae.
  • Strength and flexibility testing.
  • Palpation to feel for muscle spasm and joint restrictions or pain.
  • Ergonomic assessment.
  • Assessment of cranial and visceral systems where appropriate.

There are many possible sources of your back pain, including intervertebral discs, joints, and muscles.  At RHP Physiotherapy, we aim to identify the injured structure and, perhaps more importantly, determine the factors causing your injury. This enables us to accurately educate you, set up realistic recovery goals and select the best treatment options for your condition. 

Treatment at RHP is very hands-on and will use a unique combination of massage techniques, muscle energy techniques and mobilisations, as well as movement pattern and muscle activation correction.

At RHP we prioritise self-help strategies, exercises, and education.  This is crucial to fixing the identified cause of your injury and preventing recurrence.  Our treatment strategies provide help for the short and long term to enable you to live a pain-free life.

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