Pain is an output of the brain

December 12, 2012 admin

Dr. Lorimer Mosely / David Bulter in Explain Pain (Noigroup Publications) 2003.This is an interesting paradigm.  Many forms of treatment aim to “control” symptoms:  be it medication, certain forms of manual therapy, surgery, forms of psychology, and many others.

Many forms of treatment don’t allow for the natural expression of the body’s tissues.  Your body has a natural tendency to heal, much in the same fashion as cutting your finger will scar over.  Sometimes this capacity is restricted, for whatever reason.  Given the body’s natural inclinations, all it takes on many occasions is to give the restriction a ‘nudge’ in the right direction and to let the tissues do the rest.

Because the brain is the ‘big boss’, all body dysfunction will be represented here in some fashion.  It doesn’t matter if you are suffering from immune dysfunction, hormonal issues, emotional issues, pain or inflammation, you will find, at the very least, some remnants in the brain tissue.The key is finding what to ‘nudge.’  All it takes then is for time to have its effects.  Unfortunately, the healing of some tissues might take more time than is allowed, but nonetheless, the process has been started.

We have often found in our clinic that accessing the subconscious pathways leads to better results.  Most of the time, our body will organise itself around central nervous system dysfunction, but it doesn’t matter whether you are trying to improve your core stability, remove the mind-body limitations to healing, or recover from fibromyalgia – given the choice, your body (or brain) will move away from the dysfunction towards freedom.

From the time we were born, our brain and nervous systems grew through subconscious play and in response to “freedom, creativity and curiosity.”  It may help you and your therapist if you were to free yourself of some constructs and give your body its head, so to speak! Brain food for thought …