Finding a Physiotherapist – Part II

March 18, 2013 admin

Find a therapist who loves what they do.  This should be conveyed by their knowledge and attitude.  Does the therapist exhibit the attributes you would like to see as a healthy person?

Look for a therapist who is also a good teacher.  They must be able to teach you to appreciate your body.  To look for the subtle signs and symptoms and to be able to manage problems for yourself, where applicable.

Find a therapist who will tell you what you need to know and not what you may want to hear.  This also means that as a patient, you need to open to listening!  Sometimes, it’s about tough love!

A good Physiotherapist should be a model and a master of the type of practice they represent.  We are all continually learning, and it may be that to ‘master’ a discipline is impossible, but, your therapist should be trying!  It doesn’t mean that your therapist has to be a master of all aspects of  hysiotherapy (there are too many!) but that they should be putting in the effort to learn in their chosen field.

Ask how the therapist practices.  How do they view what they do?  What form does it take?  How do they guide their patients?  What ancillary support is available?  What kind of practice have they set up?  What will they ask of me (the patient)?

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it’s a good start.

Yours in health,
David Macdonald.