Exercise Spotlight – Lower Trap Wall Slide

March 14, 2016 admin

Exercise Spotlight – Lower Trap Wall Slide


– Knees bent a little as per the drawing.

– Lower back and head back onto the wall.

– Arms against the wall as per the picture.

– If you cannot get your forearms onto the wall, your chest is too tight or your upper spine too rounded. Seek advice from your physio.

– If your shoulder joints hurt then cease the exercise and seek advice from your physio.

– Repeat small arm movements up and down 15 repetitions. 3 sets.



This is one of my favourite exercises for improving upper body posture, and shoulder blade stability on the rib cage.

Most of the tasks we perform during the day involve our arms being in front of our body e.g computer work, cooking, and mechanical work. These postures use our flexor muscles of the chest (pectorals), which over time can become dominant and tight, contributing to a “protracted” shoulder girdle. (see below image)




A “protracted” shoulder girdle involves

  •       Tight pectoral muscles
  •       Weakened upper back muscles
  •       Weakened muscles that hold shoulder girdle position
  •       Rounded upper back and forward position of the head on the shoulders. This in turn loads the neck joints, and upper trapezius muscles and can promote headaches and neck pain.

The Lower Trap Wall Slide exercise will

  • Relax and stretch the pectorals, opening up the chest and straightening the upper back.
  • Strengthen the upper back muscles
  • Strengthen the shoulder blade stabilising muscles
  • Improve position of the head on top of the shoulders, improving posture and decreasing headaches and neck pain.