The Nature of Chronic Pain

September 25, 2012 admin

Because I see many patients with chronic pain of various causes, I wanted to detail the general nature of such conditions in order to help sufferers in their recovery.

Prior to an injury, there are often background issues that precede an accident.  These prime the body so that when the injury occurs, it often will affect the person more than someone who doesn’t have these pre-existing adaptions, or, it will take these people longer to recover.

It may also be the case that until these pre-existing adaptions is dealt with, the person finds it impossible to recover?  Hence the title, chronic pain.
These pre-existing adaptions may occur without the person’s notice.  The body has a remarkable capacity to adapt to changes, whether they be musculo-skeletal, neural, vascular or whatever.  It is when the body runs out of ways to adapt that it breaks down and pain ensues.

Often there are many layers to a problem and may include biomechanical, musculo-skeletal, physiological, biochemical, visceral, and neural amongst many others.  To help the chronic pain sufferer, it is necessary to peel back these layers until the body has enough room to express itself without pain.
It is therefore necessary to have a good team of people who specialise in each of these ‘layers’ or, a practitioner who can manage them for you whilst having access to a good and trusted network of health professionals.

It is important to find a health practitioner who understands these concepts and is capable of dealing with the many types of body systems which become involved with chronic pain.  Information on these types of systems can be found on our website:

Good Health!
David Macdonald