Why Choose RHP?

At the heart of the services provided by RHP Physiotherapy is the desire to help people. If you are a wounded body struggling with day to day activities, or an elite athlete striving for improved performance, then we want to provide the best for you.

The directors of RHP each have over 25 years experience as physiotherapists, and we are characterised by integrity, altruism and professionalism. We ensure our centre is at the forefront of physiotherapy services offered in Australia.

Continuing the skill development of our staff and centre is a priority, demonstrated by weekly in-house tutorial sessions, and attendance by staff at external courses that ensures our clinic remains informed regarding the latest research findings.

RHP Physiotherapy’s unique holistic approach to an individuals’ assessment allows the ultimate course of intervention to be applied. 

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to RHP Physiotherapy, as not only does it keep you healthy and on track with your goals, but it also provides us with feedback regarding how well we address your needs and ultimately how we can improve to continue delivering on your expectations.

In 2015 we were nominated for the Australian Business Quality Awards and decided to take part to get an understanding of how we rank in the small business sector on the merits of core business values and quality of customer service.

We were elated to find out that we received the Gold Award for 2015 and are very grateful to all our patients who have supported us over our 25+ years and continue to support us into the future.

Here is some feedback that the RHP clinics received:

RHP Physiotherapy performs regular reviews of customer satisfaction so we can continue to ensure our clients’ needs are met. The following are the collated responses from one of our recent satisfaction surveys:

  • “Always good. Very happy with the depth of investigation.”
  • “Great communication and service.”
  • “Fantastic service, knowledge and helpful. I have no hesitation in recommending this centre to all my friends and those in need.”
  • “Very happy with my treatment.”
  • “Very professional, thorough and help you to help yourself.”
  • “Very knowledgeable and friendly staff.”
  • “Very supportive and friendly.”
  • “Time is taken to ascertain what the problem is and ways to rectify it.”
  • “Very nice and caring, good personal approach.”
  • “Excellent and informative.”
  • “Very good at communicating with teenagers.”
  • “Extremely happy with service. Thorough, knowledgeable and easy to understand.
  • “Quick and effective – no wasted time.”
  • “Very constructive and personalised, analysing the problem properly – you know what is happening
  • “Grateful that I am made to feel important during my appointment. Thank you.”
  • “Making good progress. Very satisfied.”