One-on-One Yoga

Private Customised Yoga Sessions: Relax, Unwind, Become Mobile, Flexible and Strong

A customised approach based on yogic principles is used to improve your flexibility and movement, increase your strength and develop your ability to become relaxed, and ultimately relieve your pain, tightness and sore achy muscles. This type of movement is ideal for those who would like to feel lighter, stronger, freer and more effortless in their bodies.



What can you expect from a private session?

Depending on your current level of pain, injury, or illness you can expect to begin to move in a slow and mindful way in order to encourage the body to unravel its pain patterns. By incorporating breath and mindful movement, a sense of ease and lightness will enable the body to move optimally.

The gentle and safe therapeutic movement is tailored specifically to each individual and done in a pain-free range. Over time as your movement improves, stability and strength will naturally build and your pain levels will decrease. You will learn to listen to the whispers that your body is saying before they become screams. The sessions will help you get out of pain and unwind the compensation patterns that many of us have, leading to better function so you can get back to leading the life you want.


Each session is specific to you and your needs. Whether you travel for business, train for triathlons, whether you are in the midst of medical treatment or you have completed medical treatment, whether you have 15 minutes in your day or 1 hour, the program is designed to work for you so that you can experience success.

Private yoga sessions are for anyone that would like to further their current yoga practice, or get back to yoga classes, but currently find them too strong; or just simply want to get out of pain and get back to normal pain-free life and activities.

Imagine moving without pain... Let's make it happen! Call our Kelvin Grove clinic now to book your one-on-one yoga session.

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