Alter G

Defy Gravity & Regain Function

The Alter G Anti-Gravity treadmill has arrived at our Kelvin Grove clinic. The Alter G is a revolutionary medical rehabilitation treadmill with unique differential air pressure technology developed by NASA that gives you the ability to defy gravity and work towards regaining function like never before.

Whether you’re a patient or an athlete dealing with lower body injuries, chronic pain or neurological conditions that inhibit mobility, you can benefit from the unweight capabilities of the Alter G.

The Anti-Gravity treadmill allows you to move your rehabilitation and training forward by:

  • Allowing you to walk or run without pain while maintaining a normal gait
  • Reducing stress on injured areas of your lower body
  • Giving you the confidence and ability to run or walk for longer, and recover faster with less pain
AG combo1

The Alter G helps a broad spectrum of people – top level athletes, orthopaedic and neural patients, paediatric and those looking to lose weight – to achieve your personal health, wellness or performance goals.

Alter G’s precise unweight technology allows you to:

  • Reduce gravity’s impact by selecting any weight between 20% and 100% of your bodyweight in 1% increments
  • Rehabilitate lower limb injuries with less pain and less impact
  • Improve mobility, strength and safety for those with neurological or arthritic conditions
  • Provide a safe way to lose weight and exercise more intensively while unweighted
  • Train without pain and reduce the stress to joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles
  • Recover effectively and with less pain after training or competition

The Alter G is unlike any other piece of training equipment available.

RHP Physiotherapy will be conducting some information and demonstration sessions to introduce you to this incredible technology.

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