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Swimming Problems?

RHP Physiotherapy is Australia’s leading physiotherapy clinic for swimmers. We are the only physiotherapy clinic in Australia whose staff have been involved and travelled with the Australian swimming team every year since 1994.

Most recently, RHP’s staff have worked at:

  • 2016 Rio Olympics
  • 2014 & 2010 Pan Pacs
  • 2012 London Olympics
  • 2011 World Championships (Shanghai)
  • 2009 World Championships (Rome)
  • 2009 World Uni Games (Serbia)
  • 2009 West Coast USA tour
  • 2009 Junior Pan Pacs (Guam)
  • 2008 Beijing Olympics
  • 2008 Beijing Paralympics
  • 2007 World Championships (Melbourne)
  • 2006 Commonwealth Games (Melbourne)
  • 2005 World Championships (Montreal)


How can RHP Physiotherapy help you?

Our staff is vastly experienced with assessing and effectively treating all swimming injuries.

We work closely with coaches to address issues related to improving swimming technique. Failure to correct some of these technique problems may result in injury, slower swimming and frustration.

Swimming-specific musculo-skeletal screening can identify potential areas or deficiencies which may lead to injury or poorer performance. RHP staff are highly skilled at performing these screenings.

Squad/Group sessions – RHP physiotherapists can conduct sessions for your squad/club at your pool or at our clinic. We can deliver an informative, educational and fun group session for your squad, coaches and parents on a wide variety of different subjects, including:

  • Flexibility for swimmers
  • Core strength training for swimmers
  • Dry land marvels
  • Swiss ball sensations
  • Balance and control essentials
  • The 5 essential stretches for swimmers

We have been the nominated official supplier of physiotherapy services to Swimming QLD since 2005.

You won't believe what a difference we can make for your swimming.

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