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RHP Physiotherapy Musicians’ Screening Assessment fully observes a musicians’ movement patterns with and without their instrument.  We at RHP physiotherapy understand musicians’ biomechanics.  We help musicians from all backgrounds optimize their playing performance by:

  • ‘Video Analysis’ of the musician playing their instrument to educate them about their bodies’ strengths and weaknesses.  This tool has invaluable power in improving a musicians’ performance as we have seen from all who have used it.
  • We look at their ‘posture’ in standing and sitting with/without their instruments.  From this we can determine key areas of inflexibility  and weaknesses that can be improved to allow their bodies to feel and play better.
  • We give a written plan/program that will help the musician feel better AND create efficient sound production.

If musicians are suffering pain/injury, we will help them achieve pain free playing with our unique ‘holistic’ treatment approach utilising techniques from all over the world!

Without a doubt, musicians will benefit greatly with our Musician’s Screening Assessment.  It will help you discover a level of performance that you didn’t know was possible!

You will be amazed at the sound you are producing when you are not playing with pain, tightness and poor posture!

If you’re an up and coming musician who wants to make a career out of music, Contact Us now for your first screening assessment.

Musicians are a unique population that rarely receive recognition for their ‘athleticism’.  Musicians exercise their muscles much like a sporting athlete.  They work through hours of practice (6 to 8 hours a day is not an uncommon day) then perform at events - in some cases under enormous stress/pressures or unfavourable environments.  The muscles that musicians use most are the fine motor muscles.  The fibres of these muscles are slightly different to the larger muscles, though still have the capacity to fatigue and strain with overuse.  Like any athlete, if the body’s muscles and subsequently joints are not managed well, injuries can arise.


Our Physiotherapists - 

  • Use video analysis of playing positions and postures
  • Can visit you at your practice sessions to help develop the optimal rehabilitation program
  • Provide a full musculoskeletal assessment for musicians specific to their instrument
  • Provide comprehensive stretching and strengthening to correct muscle imbalances and build endurance, dexterity, and precision (body management)

Managing musicians’ bodies is very interesting for RHP physiotherapists because there are many factors to consider when assessing, treating and implementing rehabilitation strategies.  For example:

  • Every violinist will have their own sitting and/or standing posture, way of holding their instrument, and varying movement patterns of their torso, head, arms, and fingers when playing their instrument.
  • Each musician is unique in their own playing style as taught to them by their teachers.  They also learn to feel and visualise the music with body movements.
  • Furthermore, it is well known that musicians’ careers from adolescence to professionalism can be very stressful. Studies show a high number of musicians are self employed and that there are low numbers of well paid jobs, particularly in Australia.  Pressures to perform well to maintain their position in an orchestra, or rehearsing exhaustively for highly competitive auditions - place musicians under high tension.

With all these factors to consider treating musicians can be both challenging and very rewarding.  We at RHP Physiotherapy have been working with many musicians at the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Youth Orchestra, Queensland Conservatorium and school students.  We specialise in understanding the musicians’ unique physical demands, and identifying the ‘underlying’ causes of their limitations.

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