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Every golfer has different physical strengths and weaknesses, with individual requirements from an exercise program. It is not enough to do a general strength and flexibility program.

At RHP Physiotherapy we individually assess your strengths and weaknesses and provide an exercise routine that is designed for your body.  Stop wasting time doing sit-ups and push-ups, when they are more likely to hurt both your golf game and your body.

The unique exercises we prescribe will address more than just the strength and flexibility of your body, but also the neurological control of your muscles incorporating balance, co-ordination, and timing. The neurological control is crucial for that sweetly timed golf shot that keeps us coming back for more.

Improving the flexibility, strength, control and coordination of your muscular system will enable you to hit the ball further and straighter, and will take the soreness out of your game. All this adds up to a lower handicap, a more enjoyable round of golf, and improved physical health.

We have prescribed these exercises to thousands of golfers over the last 26 years and have found it to be the fastest way to improve your swing.

Andrew Grigg is one of the RHP Directors and has been working closely with numerous golf professionals and coaches, golf academies and touring professionals for over 20 years.

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