Chronic & Recurring Pain

Professional Treatment

Professional Treatment

RHP Physiotherapy has an excellent reputation as a clinic to solve those long standing or recurring pains. Our unique approach sees us specialise in biomechanical analysis of the whole body, and thus can identify underlying mechanical causes of pain which are often distant from the site of pain itself. Treatment focuses on improving your underlying mechanical fault, as well as management of the painful region. This involves hands-on therapeutic techniques, specific exercise program development, and educating you in everyday activity skills, including posture, ergonomics and gait retraining.

By the time pain becomes chronic, the pattern of dysfunction becomes entrenched in the local tissues and more centrally, in the peripheral and central nervous systems. Effective treatment for chronic pain will consider changing the way the brain thinks about pain, perceives pain and adapts to pain. To this end it is necessary to deal with these systems:

  • directly (manual treatment)
  • indirectly through movement, which considers:
    • neural systems
    • proprioceptive system
    • biomechanical aspects
    • proper treatment of the stability systems of the body
    • breathing

Our staff has a combined experience of over 75+ years, and weekly in-service sessions ensure we share our knowledge and remain up to date with the latest research findings and treatment approaches. We incorporate a wide variety of treatment options including physiotherapy, massage therapy, osteopathy, cranio-sacral therapy, and myofascial therapy. This wealth of knowledge enables us to choose the best treatment for the management of chronic or recurring pains.

Chronic and recurring pain is extremely common in our society. You are not alone. At RHP, we often see people who have tried many different treatment options and practitioners over the years with varying degrees of success. Our unique RHP approach to assessment and treatment of chronic pain has changed the lives of thousands of people.

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